Free L2TP VPN Service from UK


We provide Hot UK FREE VPN! Yes, it's FREE to use this bandwidth guaranteed high quality VPN service! This L2TP based VPN service works excellent with iPhone, iPad,  Android phones and most Desktop OS including Win7/8/10, OSX and Ubuntu Linux etc.. We are expert in consumer VPN industry, our VPN service is extremely reliable, smooth and secure!

Protect internet access with free vpn for security, privacy & anonymity!

It's very simple to use our L2TP based free VPN in your computers and network devices, L2TP based VPN client sotware is built in most Desktop systems, mobile phones and network appliances, no additional software instalaltion needed, here is the PPTP & L2TP VPN login information:

L2TP VPN Server: (     Account:     
Password:  freevpn        L2TP VPN PreShared Secret Key:


Notes about our lifetime free vpn service

  • To make sure everyone has same priority to use the free service, VPN session will be stopped every 8 hours, if you want to continue the VPN service, simply start the VPN connection again.
  • Every Monday and Thursday at about 8:15AM GMT time, there is a short time routine VPN facilities and network maintanance request, it may affect the free UK VPN connections for about 5-10 minutes;
  • We guarantee maximum 10Mbit/s download speed and 5Mbit/s upload speed. to maintain a high quality of VPN service, no P2P and BT traffic are allowed;
  • No illegal activities allowed when using this free service, in case of abusing our service your VPN access logs will be provided to related authorities, thanks for your corporation. 

Troubleshooting the common "Error 619" PPTP connection error

  1. If you have firewall enabled in your computer, make sure TCP port 1723 is opened;
  2. If you use Wireless Router for internet, make sure PPTP VPN Pass Through is enabled;
  3. Also double check local ISP to make sure Port 47 on GRE protocol is opened;

If you have question about our service, please contact us at   |   Privacy Policy